Thursday, January 17, 2008

Birthday presents.

If you decide to write someone a story for their birthday, try to know exactly when said birthday is. It's also best not to give them a novel, not unless you are slightly more prepared when it comes to birthdays than I am. Six weeks will not leave you enough time. But back to the point. Check the date, before you plan your schedule. It is inconvenient for a March deadline to suddenly become a February deadline in the middle of January. Trust me.


Amy said...


Sympathy, but also much amusement. I'm sure she won't mind if it's late, just so's you know :)

Ashtah said...

Thanks! No, well, shall see how we go - have some of the connecting bits now, so am only missing the epi-end, the beginning of the last scene, and a connecting bit in the beginning. Fingers crossed!

Inkblot said...

Well, that sounds doable then. You have two weeks, after all :)

*sends luck*

I, on the other hand, have a mere four days to finish stinky TBAEO. Self-imposed, threatened with never being allowed to work on it again. Am sick of it hanging over my head.

So, should probably go do something on it, shouldn't I O:)

Ashtah said...

*catches luck and puts it to work looking for scraps*

Yes, hoping so. Now all I have to do is find all the random scraps of paper I wrote the scene frags out on, and type them up into the docu - and finish all the pre-mentioned bits of course.

Good luck with TBAEO! (Had best stop replying now so you actually DO do Something)